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Bicycle Lab is based in Carrboro, North Carolina. Carrboro is located in the Triangle region that includes Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. We specialize in helping people become better athletes and cyclists through bicycle fit, proper technique, and learning about your equipment. We have clients that come from all over the United States – and work online with athletes all over the world. Victor Jimenez is the driving force behind Bicycle Lab and a recognized bicycle fitting and cycling expert. He is co-host of one of the most popular cycling podcasts in iTunes (Cycling360)
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The Cycling 360 Podcast

Victor is Co-host of the top ranked Cycling 360 Podcast.

It's the podcast that "will make you a better cyclist"

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Listen and find out why the show is the number one podcast about cycling and why 50,000 people tune in each month to listen to the show.

This is what our listeners have to say.
" You guys provide the most helpful information on how we all can improve being better cyclists"

"Every other cycling podcast seems geared towards pro cycling news. I just want to be the best cyclist I can be and this podcast delivers"

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