Do you know what 10lbs (4.5Kg) of fat looks like?

Picture of what ten pounds of fat looks like
Yup this is what ten pounds of fat looks like

Most cyclists are carrying around 5-10 pounds of extra fat.

Victor here:

The first time I saw this was many years ago during a nutrition class.


For me this was a game changer

Sure I knew what it felt like when I was a bit heavy but seeing that
extra glob of fat just somehow puts it in perspective.


That image is a motivator

Now when I feel extra fat on my body I always think of what that
10 pound glob feels like in my hand. It’s actually a bit depressing to think
about. But it is also a big motivator.

So I have a confession to make.

Right now I am a bit out of shape and about 10 pounds heavier than my comfortable weight.

Part of my problem is that I really enjoy good food, craft beer, wine, sweets, you get the idea.
Couple my over indulgence with less time to ride because of family commitments and shorter days and that equals that ten pound blob of blubber.

Does this sound familiar?  Whats your story?

How much weight do you have to lose?

Send me an email I would love to hear.

You can also leave a comment here.


  1. says

    I’m up about 10 lbs from what was my “race weight” for my “A” event back in late April. I can feel it a little bit, but once the trainer sessions start here in a few weeks, it will melt away fairly quickly.

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