Interview With Fatcyclist

Interview with a comedian mastermind

Check out Fattys new bookIn this interview I caught up with Elden Nelson the mastermind behind the blog Fatcyclist

Elden got his start in blogging just to have a sounding board for his weight loss journey. It has now turned into one of the top blogs about cycling. In the interview we talk about some of his hilarious stories. We talk about how he developed the points system for passing cyclists and how to act when you go into a new bike show. Its a bit of tongue and cheek mixed in with some serious talk. 

From his Blog

“Comedian Mastermind is the best stuff I wrote in the early years of It’s full of fake news, how-tos, epic (and not so epic) rides, the best cake in the world, the Assos ad teardown, Dr. Lämmler’s reply, my best Lance Armstrong and Tour de France stuff, and a bunch of other stuff”

He has a fantastic new book out called “The Comedian Mastermind”

Find the book here



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