Bicycle Saddle Pain and Discomfort

Video image about bicycle seatLearn about your anatomy to get more comfortable on your bike seat.

Nearly all cyclists have problems with their body/saddle connection at some point. Some people just deal with the pain and discomfort while others give up cycling all together. It does not have to be that way.  We created this series of videos to help educate cyclists , bicycle fitters, coaches and even bicycle saddle companies to help improve the road cycling experience for everyone.

How your body connects with a bicycle seat

This first video discusses the basics of human anatomy as it relates to a bicycle seat. In this video we demonstrate some of the how and why bicycle seats can be so uncomfortable.

Its not just about selecting the correct saddle, its also about having your bike adjusted and fitted properly to your body and how you ride.

Here is a link to an earlier post about specifically why women have problems with bicycle seats It actually applies to all cyclists.

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Joshua Cohen, PT, MS, is author of Finding the Perfect Bicycle Seat, and The Illustrated Guide to Bicycle Seats.
also the inventor of the Kontact Bicycle Saddle  

Check out his two great ebooks on bicycle seats

Finding the perfect bicycle seatThe Illustrated Guide to Bicycle Seats


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